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Your bed can also be the ticket to fitness

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Did you know you can still transform your body with easy workouts on your mattress if you are finding it hard to get up and hit the gym or exercise outdoors? What you need is just a few minutes of your time and bed. Not only will you be able to burn a substantial amount of calories but you will also get that excellent body tone you’ve always wanted right in your bedroom.

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Legs scissors: Target the legs and abs

To do this you need to lie on your back with both hands under your hips and your palms facing down. Then bring your feet slightly straight up with your toes pointing up. Slowly lower one leg down towards the bed as you make sure your core area is fully engaged.

Before that leg touches down switch to the other leg and do the same while the leg that is down is coming back up. At some point both legs will be passing over each other like a pair of scissors. Keep doing this for about 30 second then rest before doing another set. You can do as many as you can but don’t push it.

Knees bend leg lift: Targets the outer thighs, abs and butt

Lie either on your left or right side with the knee on top bent and the other kept straight. Now with the hand on top, place it on your hip, while the other hand supporting your head from the bed. Make sure the straight leg is fully aligned with your body.

Now lift the upper leg straight towards the ceiling then slowly bend the knee as you bring it to your core area. Again extend it back towards the ceiling as you lower it slowly down taking back to the starting point. The motion must be continuous for a complete set to be effective so try as much as possible to keep it for at least 30 seconds before changing to the other side. Repeat a number of sets also for the other side.

Side planks with a Twist: Targets your arms, side abdominals and tummy.

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This exercise requires you to twist your body from a waist position. This means you will start from a side position, with your body slightly elevated up supported with the arm below and legs straighten underneath your body. Now bring the arm which is on top towards the ceiling and slowly take it down under your body to create a twist from your hip area.

Return the same arm back towards the ceiling and continue the motion while you maintain the twist. Do few reps of the same for about 20 to 30 seconds before changing to the opposite side. One thing though; place your top foot on the bed in front of you to make this move more easier or just continue the same for more challenge.

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