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4 things you should never tell your girlfriends about your man

We meet a new breathtaking guy at the shopping mall and we can’t wait to call our girlfriends Photo:Courtesy

It is normal for us ladies to spill everything about our lives to our closest girlfriends. Some of us even have a special day each week to meet with our  girlfriends and discuss our lives in depth. We meet a new breathtaking guy at the shopping mall and we can’t wait to call our girlfriends and gush to them all about him; a tout harasses us in the bus: we call our girlfriends immediately to ‘bitch’ him; we argue with our parents: we summon our girlfriends into an emergency meeting to discuss how our parents’ reasoning is outdated.

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 In short, our girlfriends are (almost) the closest people to us. They are closer than family simply because we can tell them our dirtiest secrets that family should never ever know.

However, when in a serious relationship, there are things about your man you should never tell your girlfriends. The urge to tell them will be there, but so help you God to never reveal these 5 things about your man to your girlfriends.

His secrets

Men are secretive by nature. They do not tell their friends their secrets. So, when your man confides in you, it means he completely trusts you and knows that his secret is safe with you. Do not be tempted to share his secrets with your girlfriends no matter how juicy a topic they would make. Your friends will never look at him the same way again. Worse still, he might learn that you revealed his secrets and all his trust in you will be dead.

His weakness

So your man has a weakness and it drives you mad? Of course he’s human and all humans have weaknesses. Or did you expect him to be perfect? Perfectionism is something we all want in a man but will never find. Your man’s weaknesses might be driving you nuts but DO Not rush to your girlfriends to tell them all about it. Be protective of him. You fell in love with him; his weaknesses are part of what makes him. Give him the liberty to be the strong man your friends think and believe him to be.

His sexual prowess (or lack of it thereof)

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This is a juicy topic to talk about with your friends over your weekly meetings especially if your man is a beast in bed. You might be tempted to tell them all about the kinky and unbelievable moves he makes in bed that rock your world. Please DO NOT tell them. Sex is a private affair and details about it should remain as such; private. No man would be delighted to know that his girlfriend’s friends know what a beast he is in bed. In any case, it’s totally embarrassing. Keep it to yourself.

If your man falls under the category of ‘not so good in bed’, DO NOT tell too. He’s your man; protect him.

His mistakes

In every relationship, mistakes happen. When your man wrongs you, it is only normal for you to feel the urge to call your best friend and tell them about it. But for the sake of keeping your relationship, DON’T. They are friends and of course they will side with you to show you just how wrong he is. Being the good friends they are, they might end up giving you wrong advice that will hurt your relationship. To avoid all this, try and work out things with your man silently.

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