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DIY Fixes and Tips

DIY Fixes: 12 ways to use aluminium foil


1. Remove rust: Dip a piece of foil in water, rub in a rusty metal surface and watch the rust disappear. You can try this on rusty shower curtain rods and car bumpers.

2. Sharpen blunt scissors: How do you sharpen blunt scissors? Take a sheet of foil and snip through it several times with a pair of scissors to get sharper scissors.

3. Iron faster: Spread a sheet of aluminium foil on an ironing board or surface and cover it with a sheet of fabric. This allows you to iron both sides of the cloth at the same time. The foil reflects heat from the iron box, which will help you iron faster with heat coming from both the top and bottom.

4. Keep your food warm: If you have no food flasks, covering your hot food with aluminium foil will keep it hot for hours.

5. Fix electronic connections: If you have space between your battery and a loose spring, fold a piece of aluminium several times and insert into the space to repair the circuit.

6. Convert AA batteries to AAA: If you have AA batteries convert them to AAA by adding folded aluminium foil to the (-) side.

7. Prevent browning bananas: Wrap aluminium foil around the stems of your bananas to slow down the browning process.

8. Create a funnel: You can shape a sheet of foil into a cone. Tape it securely together and use it as a temporary funnel.

9. Prevent sticky baking pans: Juices from baking stick to your pans and make them old fast. Line your pans with aluminium foil. When you are done cooking, peel off the foil and discard it. Your pan remains as good as new and easy to wash.

10. Curl straight hair: Wrap foil around the hair you want to curl. Place your flat iron on top. When you are done remove the foil. Your curls will last longer.

11. Clean your grill: Take a ball of aluminium foil and use it to scrap the grill to remove burnt up food and char.

12. Protect your garden: If you have snails and insects in your garden, cut up strips of aluminium and line them on the ground to keep snails and insects from your garden.

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