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3 reasons you are not going to shed off that extra weight any time soon


Poor eating habits: Many women who struggle to fight weight gain through dieting are always in a hurry to lose it quickly so they end up eating very few calories in a day.

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These repeated incidents of unhealthy eating and frequent dieting either before or after weight loss can lead to undernourishment. This is because some low-calorie diets can rob your body of the much-needed nutrients for recovery, repair, growth and survival.

Achieving an ideal and healthy weight requires you to have smart nutritional balance coupled with an exercise output that is able to give your body a steady metabolism.

Remember, also, that the calories you consume should never exceed the calories expended. It is therefore important to have a well-balanced meal plan that will give your body a dense nutritional value and regular exercise to keep it strong and fit.

Poor support system: It is not unusual that the people you think would support and encourage you the most during your weight loss period are actually the ones who will end up derailing your weight-loss process.

These can either be family members, significant others, colleagues or even the so called BFFs.

Understand why most of them are so negative about your goals or why they tempt you with diet breaking treats then find strategies to stay on track.

Look for a support system that works best for you. The positive vibrations will give you the extra push you need to stay on course.

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Lack of sleep: Sleep can actually affect your body fat percentage. Research shows that people with good sleeping patterns have healthier weight than those without.

Getting less than six hours of sleep per night is associated with higher body composition. Staying up late can foster snacking as you try to keep up your energy levels late into the nigh.

In order to control your weight and also sleep better, eat three to four hours before bed time. Any good sleep pattern should last at least six to eight hours.

Without a proper mind set, any results from following the above will only last a while.

You need to remain positive, vigilant, focused and understand that keeping off weight and maintaining it is a lifetime goal.

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