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10 reasons why you are probably single


If you're struggling to get to date number two with anyone, these reasons may shine a light on where you're going wrong

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Anyone who's familiar with the dating game will know that first impressions really count - but we can reveal the major first date turn-offs that will leave your prospective beau or belle cold.

If you're guilty of rudeness, poor hygiene or bad driving, that could explain why you're still single.

A survey has stated that these are the major turn-offs in the world of new relationships, so anyone looking to settle down should take note

Rudeness scored highest in the list, with 81% citing bad manners as the worst thing a suitor can do, closely followed by bad personal hygiene selected by 80%.

Lacking a sense of humour is terminal for budding romance, according to 70%, while self-obsession is a massive problem for 69% of respondents.

The research, conducted by independent road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists , found road rage to be the worst first-date faux pas for almost half - 46% - of people, whilst a similar number say texting at the wheel leaves them wanting to put the brakes on the date.

Talking on a mobile while driving came next, with 44%, and the top ten was completed with bad dress sense for 40%, sweaty palms for 25% and a neat and tidy 23% being put off by a dirty car.

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A further one in 10 (11%) are irritated by someone who takes 15 minutes to park, whilst an eighth of Brits (13%) find overly cautious drivers who go under the speed limit off-putting.

Those hoping to pick up brownie points, on the other hand, should note that the top three dating turn-ons are a sense of humour, politeness and good personal hygiene.

On the flipside, more than one in 10 (11%) Brits say good driving skills get their motors running on a first date – beating a nice car (7%) and great shoes (9%).

Top 10 first date turn-offs

1.            Rudeness (81%)

2.            Bad personal hygiene (80%)

3.            No sense of humour (70%)

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4.            Being self-obsessed (69%)

5.            Road rage (46%)

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6.            Texting whilst driving (45%)

7.            Talking on a mobile whilst driving (44%)

8.            Bad dress sense (40%)

9.            Sweaty palms (25%)

10.          Dirty car (23%)

Top 10 first date turn-ons

1.            Sense of humour (81%)

2.            Politeness (77%)

3.            Good personal hygiene (69%)

4.            Good dress sense (50%)

5.            Looks (44%)

6.            Confidence (44%)

7.            Generosity (29%)

8.            Good driving skills (11%)

9.            Great shoes (9%)

10.          Nice car (7%

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