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Timeless Kitenge


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Timeless Kitenge
Capes are a unique trend for the modern woman

AfroStreet Kollektions is all about Africa, the design house by Yvonne Odhiambo and Melanie Wachie, has gone back to our roots and their style is kitenge like you’ve never seen before; bold, chic and modern.

Their new collection was showcased at the Casino Malindi in celebration of International Women’s Day last weekend.

This new collection is a fashion forward, ready-to-wear collection that brings a very modern aesthetic with an African twist. With bold colours and flowing chiffons, this was made for the modern woman (and her man).

Photographer: Elvis Ogina

Stylist Assistant: Lucy Robi

Wardrobe: Afrostreet Kollektions, Facebook: Afrostreet Kollektions, Tel: +254 724 207517

Timeless Kitenge
A contemporary with an African aestheic look for the modern man


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Timeless Kitenge
Try a retro-chic dress that goes easily from day to night















Timeless Kitenge
A perfect date night outfit for the modern man















Timeless Kitenge
Capes are a unique trend for the mordern day modern















Timeless Kitenge
Stan out in short peplum romper


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