Evewoman : 17 surprising regrets women have in their lives

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17 surprising regrets women have in their lives


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Regrets women have
Regrets women have

Not trying hard enough at school tops the list but you'll certainly be surprised by some of the others

Women have major regrets in their lives and not trying hard enough at school tops the list.

The next two “if onlys” were breaking a diet and being in the wrong job.

Given a second chance, six out of 10 women admitted that they would take a different path but three quarters felt their mistakes were character building.

Top regrets for women:

1. Not trying hard enough at school - 34%

2. Not losing weight on a diet - 34%

3. Choosing the wrong career path -32%

4. Not getting on the property ladder - 22%

5. Spending a night with someone I shouldn’t - 21%

6. Not being spontaneous enough - 20%

7. Not being a good enough friend - 20%

8. Not being a better daughter - 18%

9. Not being impulsive enough - 18%

10. Not travelling before starting a family - 13%

11. Not having children - 11%

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12. Not being a better mum - 10%

13. Texting someone I shouldn’t after a night out - 9%

14. Not having my dream wedding - 8%

15. Having an affair - 7%

16. Getting married/settling down - 5%

17. Focussing too much on my career - 4%


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