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First wives,let the second wives be,please stop pretending,spare us the drama!!


Over the last few years and months, the country has unfortunately lost some of its prominent sons and daughters to the cruel hand of death.

And it is sad to note that as soon as some of the public figures — especially men — passed on, drama literally followed them to the grave.

Ugly scenes have played out at mortuaries across the country. Women who no one has ever heard of or seen before emerge from the shadows and claim to have been the second or third wife of the departed.

The fight to be incorporated in the burial arrangements has in some instances ended in court delaying burial arrangements for weeks, months and even years.

Damn, I think it is only in this country that the literal fight over bodies prompts even poor people to lose common sense and rush to blow a fortune in court cases and mortuary fees.

The fights, I guess, are the reason why some prominent individuals are slowly opting to get cremated so that when they die whoever is dying to have a piece of them can share the ashes!

Anyway, when a prominent senator recently passed on, a woman emerged to tell the world that she had been married for 19 years to the senator and above all, they have two children together.

To back up her claims, she dug out photographic evidence of her and the senator together and further claimed that the deceased formally married her in 1993 by paying bride price of six African cows and a cool Sh60,000!

She said that at the time of her marriage to the senator, he was a “poor lawyer” and was separated from his first wife.


The woman claimed that she has and still enjoys a cordial relationship with the family of the late senator, but not with her co-wife.

But enough of this kind of drama; it is time that first wives stopped playing innocent goats by trying to bar their co-wives from burial arrangements, properties and other issues after a man dies.

See, no matter how much a woman might want to deny that she is not aware that a man had another wife, she needs to ask herself where the hell she thought her man was the many cold nights he was not at home.

She needs to ask herself who the hell she thought the ‘orphans’ her man was sponsoring at various levels of education belonged to.

She also needs to ask herself why her man on several occasions left the house, claiming “naenda kuona mtu hapa” (I am going to see someone just around the corner) only to return three or so days later.

To cut it short, first wives should stop playing naive and spare us the drama.

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They know too well their husbands have secret lovers on whom they spend money, so this idea of foaming at the mouth after death should end.

I mean, you have been sharing this man and his resources when he was alive, what is so difficult about sharing his estate after death? Come on!


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