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When flirting gets out of hand

If I was a married man and my wife dropped by my Facebook chats and Whatsapp, no amount of pleading, religious intervention will stop a divorce. Some of the chats are way too dirty and tacky to be forgiven.

I flirt a lot. Mostly, it is the harmless and pointless banter with former college mates and women I meet in the course of my expeditions. Rarely, do we ever move things to the next level. But I know the sexual fantasies of several women from the usual chats that are usually brave, kinky and daring.

It always starts with a casual drop of a swearword in the chat. Along the way a woman will ask me the type of woman I prefer. Given, I know them in person; I will tailor my description to fit her physical attributes. What follows is a conversation that is wrought with erotic possibility and often, either party has to press the STOP button.

And boy, women know how to talk dirty. I’m enthralled to have lived in an era of sexting. Nowadays you can have an uncensored chat with a female stranger you met in a matatu. Some often take it to the next level. But many just sext until it becomes boring and it stops naturally, until they meet the next culprit.

Half the time we all spend on social media is mostly sourcing for jokes and chatting. We prefer chats with women that can lead to something.  And women have become bolder. May be it is the anonymity of the internet that has opened the floodgates, but sometimes I’m shocked at the brazen and blatant demands that women make of men. Even the quietest woman, on keyboard she is loud and can tell you upfront how she prefers bedroom bullies.

Escape route

Flirtation is one of the best rewards of human communication. Ideally, normal conversations are wee bit weird and absurd. That is why we escape to novels, movies or the tube. Flirting offers an escape route with a real human being. That compliment goes a long way in cheering up a woman. The man feels rewarded when a woman laughs at his jokes.

Aren’t we all made to feel important when we are acknowledged sexually? For a man to go into pain to take a woman to the dance floor, stand in the cold with a woman talking basically about nothing other than cheeky flattering is as good it gets.

Online flirtation has been aided the more by the possibility of exchanging photos. Men now demand nude photos (known as nudes in online parlance) from women and can be availed instantly. Why younger women don’t mind sending nudes to men instantly escapes me, but we are thankful all the same. The better if they can twerk, another craze that has swept across the world.

So you can talk dirty, exchange nudes but still never take things to the ultimate goal of the whole process. Still the rule holds, men find it cheap and sleazy of women sending photos or talking dirty without establishing familiarity. But we will never mind asking for them, anyway.

Flirting is a win-win game. As it gets bolder, hope it doesn’t cost us valuable relationships because the missus stumbled upon some dirty description of the nature of gymnastics you can take through the object of your flirtation.

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