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Damaging effects of sweat on hair

Workout hairWorking out has many health benefits for our bodies, as it keeps our health in check. Whenever we exercise, our main goal is to keep fit and tone our bodies if not to lose some weight. Despite the value of working out, the effects of sweating are often damaging to our hair.

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• When you sweat, salt builds up and gets lodged in your hair and the scalp. This creates a layer of salt and water, leading to dry hair, which eventually could lead to breakage. The salt buildup also blocks the tiny pores on our scalp, yet this is where the scalp breathes and absorbs substances. To remedy this situation, get rid of sweat on your hair and scalp immediately you are done with your workout.

• When you sweat during a workout, all the toxins from the skin disappear, leaving your skin glowing. Not with your hair. You thus need to ensure you clean and moisturize your hair regularly. This way, you will maintain a healthy and shiny mane.

If you hit the gym frequently, here are tips to help you protect your hair:

— Tie your hair up in a ponytail when exercising; a band or a head scarf will do. Keep your hair away from your face and neck so that you stay cooler and sweat less. A cotton head scarf is the best to use to avoid sweating around the hairline.

— Keep a small towel when working out and use it to wipe sweat off your face and head whenever you take a break from your workout.

— Shampoo your hair on the days you have intense workouts like aerobics, which make you sweat a lot. If you, however, are doing lighter exercises, you sweat less and don’t necessarily need to wash your hair everyday but weekly.

—Avoid over-processing your hair whenever you chemicalise it. Use clarifying shampoo that has a balanced pH, which cleans your hair thoroughly without causing damage. When done with your exercise session, stand in the shower and let water run through your body from head to toe. Apply clarifying shampoo, ensuring you pile the hair on your head. Massage it in your hair for a few minutes before rinsing. Towel-dry your hair, then apply a leave-in conditioner. 

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— For your hair to stay moisturized throughout, a hot oil hair treatment once a week is crucial. Apply the oil into your hair, massage it then sit under a steam or wear a steaming cap for ten minutes. Wash your hair after about an hour using the right shampoo.

If this weekly treatment does not work for you, opt for a protein conditioner.  Another way to keep your hair moisturized is to use mayonnaise or any natural hair mask at least once a month.

These tips will help you avoid salt buildup and hair damage from sweat.

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