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My 'doll's waist' is so tiny people think I've had ribs removed but it's 'tummy dry' diet

 Thalima puts her small waist down to her healthy lifestyle and genetics (CO Press Office/Jam Press)

A model has been forced to defend her hourglass figure after people claimed she must have had ribs removed in order to achieve her tiny waist.

Thalima Silva, 20, says her figure comes from a combination of good genes and a healthy diet, which sees her drinking 1.5 litres of spinach juice every day.

She often shares sizzling photos of herself in bikinis and lingerie with her 100K Instagram followers, and her snaps have resulted in numerous comments of people saying she's had surgery.

The fashion model's waist measures 56 centimetres - but she claims it's completely natural.

She said: "I never had surgery to remove ribs.

 Thalima is fed up with people saying she's had surgery (Image: CO Press Office/Jam Press)

"I have a natural diet and eat junk food when I want it without getting obsessive with it. And my genetics also play a part.

"I drink more than 1 litre and a half of spinach juice a day. This is what helps me to have a flat stomach."

Thalima, from Brazil, calls her eating routine her “tummy dry” diet, but she admits she'll treat herself when she wants to.

The majority of her meals are vegetarian food, especially during the Covid lockdown.

 She's had lots of comments about her body (Image: CO Press Office/Jam Press)

She said: "I was not always strict with my diet, but during the lockdown I was totally vegetarian to keep my mental health stable, because I was very sad about the pandemic and everything that is happening in the world."

 Thalima shares lots of photos on Instagram with her 100K followers (Image: CO Press Office/Jam Press)

As well as modelling, Thalima is an aspiring actress. She's also very passionate about the environment, and campaigns for Amazon Conservation.

She has just been named L’Officiel One Thousand Models magazine's Face of the Year.

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