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Lady B:I no longer lead a hopeless life

Achieving Woman

ladybWho is Lady Bee?

My real name is Bernice Nduku, born to Mr Francis Mugo (deceased) and Mrs Mercy Munee. I was brought up in Nairobi as the first born in a family of three (a sister and brother, today, I can proudly say that I am a child of God and a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A section of critics feel that you have been on the low musically – what are you up to?

Well, it is natural for people to talk about you - dead or alive. Let’s just say that they have not been keenly following on my latest development. All I can say is that this is the best moment of my life and I thank God for His grace that has been sufficient all through. God has instilled in me so much as far as gospel music goes and it is just a matter of time before it comes to pass. For this reason I give Him all the glory and honour.

Tell us more about your latest Gospel song?

It’s titled 'Ni Mkuu' inspired by the Holy Bible in the book of 1 John 4:4 which says; ‘you dear children are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world’. I strongly believe that this is a promise given to me by God as His child.

How many gospel songs have you released?

Five, they include Ni Mkuu, Nakiri, Yesu, John 3:16 and Matunda (the latter is done together with Eunice Njeri and Rebecca Soki Kalwenze), all within a span of one and a half years. The videos are produced by Willy Owusu, Dr Eddie and Effy Man.

Speaking of gospel when did you get saved and why?

I got saved in the year 2012 by the grace of God through faith. Let’s just say that although I interacted with the who’s who besides going places and getting all the fame I needed from human beings – but it was all vanity. Something in my life was amiss - inner peace and happiness. Believe you me, the beginning of wisdom is knowing God regardless of one’s status, religion, education among other things. Today, I am glad that I made the right choice – choosing to serve God fully. Because the truth is, everything else shall come to pass but the Word of God will reign forever.

Was it easy coping in the gospel world?

Nothing comes easy as far as the ways of the Lord are concerned. The devil will never rest until he sees that he destroys you besides bringing your salvation to nothing but I thank God that I found inner peace and happiness in Him something that money or any human being could not give me.

Prior to that, what were you doing?

I started out as a secular singer alongside veteran reggae musician cum deejay Jah key Marley. At the time I was only a teenager when I decided to join his band by the name Jamboree as a backup singer at club Hollywood club, Mokta Dadar street, within Nairobi’s city centre despite my parents’ disapproval. I guess their greatest fear was that I would end up taking the wrong direction in life due to peer pressure given the negative perception many had of secular music- more so reggae, a genre career that was associated with hooliganism among other social vices.

So what followed next?

Despite numerous warnings and discouragement from my parents, relatives and family friends, I decided to follow the yearnings of my heart - away from life’s prescribed journey into pursuing secular reggae music for more than a decade. I was determined to pursue my dreams and make life better for my newborn daughter including my entire family. After all I could not just sit back and let my parents do everything for me.

You mean you had a daughter at such a tender age?

Yes, I became a mother at the age of 16 while still a Form Two student, something that did not go down well with my parents. All the same, I was forced to drop out of school shortly before I could return to complete my secondary education. During the time my mother took care of my sweet baby who I often refer to as the daughter of Zion while I went in search of greener pastures upon completing my education (in particular pursuing reggae music alongside Jah Key Marley for more than a decade before I quit to form my own band. Note: Today, Jah Key is also a born again Christian and I give all the glory to God.)

It is alleged that you and Nonini had something going back then?

(Laughs then pauses) I knew that was coming. Honestly, Nonini has always been like a brother and a friend to me. Truth is, rumours will never cease and the best way is to ignore and move on.

Have you won any awards or been nominated for any gospel awards?

Yes, I have been nominated not long ago, but that is not important. On the contrary, I am more interested in living the word of God besides ministering to lost souls out there with the sole aim of drawing them into the Kingdom of God.

Of late it appears that gospel music has been commercialised and that many are in it for money. Where do you fall?

It’s true and a bad thing too which I do not support. As much as the message is relayed to different people out there – but it is important for us to realise that at the end of it all – there is judgement day. This is when the farmer (God) will separate the chaff from the harvest. I believe the same standards apply to me and hence the need to strive for the best according to God’s will.

So then are you on settling down with that special person?

I have no intentions of doing so lest I end up being drawn back like many have done. I have decided to live for Christ since He is the author and finisher of our faith. Indeed Yesu ni Bwana wa Mabwana!

Who is the real Lady B off music?

I no longer lead a hopeless life. I know what God says about me as His child, not born according to the will of man or natural set-up, but according to His will.




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