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Actress Mkamzee Chao Mwatela:I have a problem with marriage

Achieving Woman

mkamzee mwatela

Mkamzee Chao Mwatela, Actress on 'Mali'.She plays Usha Mali.She opens up on various topics in our feisty ten segment

Usha... Usha... is there a connection between Usha and Mkamzee Mwatela?

I would never be Usha. I would never be a second wife for I can never take second place. I want to be someone's one and only, not to share. I don't believe that a woman was born to share. If I realise I come second, I would let it go.

Do you have a problem with Usha being a second wife then?

I can never dislike a character that I play. Instead, I got to understand why second wives chose that path. But I would not understand if I become one myself. I have also got to learn that second wives go through a lot that society does not see.

What are these things, exactly?

For some women, its not their ideal life. Some of them had the option of either sticking around or leaving the man. When a woman weighs her options, she sees her love for the man as too deep to leave him. I believe second wives are strong people.

But you play that role exceptionally well. What has Mkamzee learnt from Usha and vice versa?

Usha is bold. She is also insecure but does not let her insecurities overwhelm her. She is very intense, when she feels something, she feels it. She also knows when to say enough is enough. She does not dwell on a feeling for too long and whine about it. She gets things done and moves on. I am like her in that way.

What makes a strong woman?

I do not believe in such a thing as a strong woman but a strong person. A strong person knows how to get through tough situations. She knows when to let go. She knows there are no gender-specific roles. She can cook, change the bulbs and fix a tyre but also appreciates the strength of a man. She is feminine too.

If you were not an actor, what would you be?

I don't know. I suspect I would be a teacher, I am not sure about that. Since I love languages and it is a part of my being an actor, I would be a teacher of English. I would also be a philosopher, to which I found out we all are.

Usha dresses so well.. what fashion advice would you give to plus-size woman?

She should first know that she is full-bodied. There is nothing wrong with any body type. People love how Usha dresses because she does not hide but rocks her body shape. Lastly, I believe dresses were created for full-bodied women.

Do you ever get the pressure to settle down?

I don't. It is one of those things in life you don't know about. We cannot really be sure of what we feel the next minute, and acting has taught me that. I also believe that marriage is not for everyone. I can be committed to one person and we don't have to get married. I think I have a problem with marriage.

We hear you love your wine..

Anytime is wine time for me. However, I mostly take it with my family and cousins, while we talk and laugh. I really like that.

You love wigs? Is your hair that bad?

I have had dreadlocks, then became bald, and now rocking short hair. I do not mind experimenting. I am not attached to my hair, I can have it any way depending on the mood that time.

2014 is ending... how far are you with your resolutions?

I did not make any. The problem with that is that a person gets excited for the first few months. I keep a mental picture of the goals I want to fulfill, not necessarily big goals. It is the little accomplishments that pile up to become big accomplishments.



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