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Easy ways to improve communication with your children

 Create a safe space for your children to express themselves, this way they learn to trust you and listen to your advice (Shutterstock)

Once you have a child, every single day with them is special and as they grow older you want to get to know them more.

While most parents may share a special bond with their children not all are as lucky. Some, for one reason or another, drift with their children and lack a proper channel of communication.

Here, we look at some easy ways you can improve communication with your children:

Set time out to talk and listen

It’s not every day that you can have deep conversations with your children as both of you may have busy schedules with work and school.

Instead, set out one night per week where you can talk about your busy lives, school and any other thing.

This way they have a place they know they can turn to when they need someone to listen to them.

Set aside all gadgets during family time

When it’s time to share a meal or cook or simply watch a movie, ensure all gadgets are set aside or turned off.

Children learn nonverbal cues from their parents and setting the wrong precedent would make them think it’s okay to be on the phone when socializing.

Also, when you are constantly on your phone, children may start to believe you love your work or social media more than you love them.

 Communicating with your children is not all about sitting them down and having a candid conversation (Shutterstock)
Be open to talking about everything

The biggest wall you can create between you and your child is rebuking them for asking questions you deem inappropriate.

Allow your children to express themselves. This way you can learn and understand how they feel about the things around them.

When you create a safe space for them to express themselves, they learn to trust you and listen to your advice.

Watch your tone and body language

Children are very sensitive and how you talk to people or react to issues around them can play a key role on how your children ultimately interact with you.

When you constantly complain about stuff around the house and come out as an angry parent, your children might find you unapproachable and keep their issues to themselves.

Include hangout sessions in your calendar

Communicating with your children is not all about sitting them down and having a candid conversation, sometimes it is about them knowing you are there.

Organize family game nights, have a spa day together, take them to the playground, let them know you are involved in their life and that you care.

It is one thing being there in the house and another being there for your children.

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