Amber Ray and Amira [Courtesy]

Socialite Amber Ray has accused businessman Jamal Marlow’s first wife, Amira, of making her life unbearable since finding out about her marriage to Jamal.

Taking to social media in a furious rant, Amber Ray called out Amira for allegedly trying to bring her down and pretending to be innocent to gain pity from the public.

“To those that are telling me to let this matter go. I will block all of you. You guys don’t know the nonsense I take every day here. Being forced to be the bigger person because someone is constantly threatening to drink poison and give it to her kids too then coming to preach to you guys.

“Anyway what do you expect from a woman who left her babies for 5 years to go and enjoy life in Dubai? Simply because our husband didn’t have anything then.  And again if she is the good person why didn’t she find herself a white man to marry her there since they are not polygamous? Here in Africa sharing is a must,” she wrote.

Sharing a screenshot of a message purportedly left by Amira in Jimal’s car, Amber accused the mother of two of continually seeking attention from both her husband and the public to try and make her look bad.

“The other day I borrowed the Range Rover and got your ‘Ambassador of positivity’ has written this to me.  Guys, I’m telling you, here things are harder than you think. Just pray for me to be able to afford mine.  You keep saying you want a divorce just so that you can get attention, nonsense. People should start looking for jobs to do,” added Amber.

According to Amber, Amira should be grateful to her for saving Jimal from stepping out of their marriage, spending ridiculous amounts of money on women and choosing to settle down.

“Yes I am a second wife but I have not killed anyone. For your man to be sleeping around and spending Ksh 50,000 on different women every day, clearly shows I’m not the problem. So leave me alone please. In fact you should even thank me.

“I remember when she heard I was getting married she said she would rather have him marry someone else but not me, why? She even went as far as being friends with his other baby mama to try and bring me down yet they portray themselves on social media as humble people to gain sympathy,” wrote Amber.

Don’t blame the devil

Amber warned her fans against bringing up witchcraft theories to try and make sense of their situation assuring that she has not bewitched Jimal.

“You guys should also stop pointing fingers at the devil and witchcraft. Someone who has been bewitched does not care for his families the way he does. Also Ramadhan was just the other day, don’t you know how to pray? Your work is to come on social media and try to get votes.

“I have said today I will not be the bigger person. Just because I am in the limelight you think you can step all over me or it’s because I’m the second wife? I have not killed anyone, people should learn to respect each other.”

Jamal Marlow and Amber Ray [Courtesy]

Amira’s response

In a rejoinder Amira refuted Amber’s claims that she at one point contemplated taking her life and that of her children reassuring her fans that she is here to stay. 

“My babies, mum could never hurt you let alone shame you. My supportive followers, all those DM’s saying that I have encouraged someone and those that are always showing me love saying I’m leaving you… to go where? We have just met, we have so much wins to come and things to share. Even the food recipe we haven’t complete yet. This life is sweet don’t be lied to. There is so much to live for,” wrote Amira.