Lisa [Photo: Courtesy]

Lisa Gaitho, the woman who hit a raw nerve in 2018 by suggesting to women that they should bathe their husbands as a way of spicing things up, is officially single.

Gaitho has called off her relationship with a Nigerian man and is going celibate according to a video she uploaded on her YouTube channel.

The controversial blogger who is back in Nairobi after the split said that the relationship ended after days of seeking answers through prayer and fasting.

“I was praying and fasting around October, September last year; you know when you hear something so clearly like you cannot even doubt it? That is what it was. It was telling me no, this is not the relationship that I have for you. It may look perfect, good and you may be seeing through those tinted glasses but this is what I have for you.

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“I told God if you want this relationship to end you scatter it; you end it and I am not going to fight it. This was in September, literally from October I started having problems with family; the way things are being perceived and problems with my man. At the back of my mind, I knew what I needed to do.

“So I moved back to Kenya and things, I guess, progressed as they should have and so we ended the relationship,” she narrated.

Lisa [Photo: Courtesy]

Gaitho adds that the man he had dated for three years had become her ‘idol’.

“I hadn’t seen myself with anyone else. During my getting closer to God so I felt convinced that no I cannot be having sex and I did bring it up and men being men I cannot blame somebody we met, jumped and started doing these things. So I can’t just quit and expect the guy to be like yeah let's quit.

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“When I was reading the Bible, the story of Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego, God showed me that bowing down is not just to the king. It's compromising…And I said if I have sex and ignore what God is saying I would be bowing down to my idol and at this time, this man had become my idol,” said Gaitho.

Six months ago, Gaitho was trending on social media over her suggestion to women that they should go all the way in when it comes to making their husbands happy by bathing them daily.

“I think personally as women there are things we need to do and I know people will fight me on this. We like being independent oh I can do I can do, which is true... What is it that you are doing that he will be like, no, if I lose this I am not going to get this again…

Lisa [Photo: Courtesy]

“Treat him like a baby, treat him like he is King, even the small things that you think are not necessary, do it, trust me it goes a long way. There are certain things that you will do and he will say uhm, that chick, like he will never let anyone rubbish you, even if you do something and someone comes and tell him he will be like mmm no that is my woman don’t even try it…

“If he wants to take a bath you should go and wash him, scrub him. Don’t let him do anything by himself, clean his ears like how you would wash a baby. Try it, put mafuta on his body, dress him!” She said at the time.