My cousin whom I trusted and looked up to sodomised me and left me broken: Man confesses| SDV UNTOLD

The Kenya national bureau of statistics, indicate an alarming statistic of sexual violence against minors. In 2016, a total of 408 sexual violence incidences were reported against children below the age of five.

In an exclusive interview with standard Digital Videos, Steve, not his real name, shares his story on being defiled as a minor by his cousin whom he had entrusted.

At the time of the unfortunate incident, Steve was just eight years old. Being naïve and innocent, his cousin took advantage of him

On numerous occasions, Steve’s cousin made attempts to defile him again but he took it upon himself to create boundaries to ensure that this does not happen again. Depression took a hold of Steve after the incident, and his self-esteem was shuttered.

Steve is yet to ever report the incident to the police, because as is the cousin who defiled him has amassed wealth and deemed “Big boy”. And furthermore there is no evidence to prosecute him, as he never reported the incident when it happened.

Steve’s girlfriend Jane, not her real name, has been supportive of him. Jane believes that men should come out and speak whenever they experience sexual violence and should stop playing ‘strong men. Steve admits to the urge of seeking revenge, but has somehow managed to suppress it

Steve abhors men who talk about rape in a condescending manner, for instance those who support a football teams then use words like (Liverpool raped ManU) Steve also takes a swipe at men who assume that it is their right to have women; he further adds that most men believe that they are destined to have women.

All said and done, Steve has chosen to forgive his attacker. He believes that for him to move on in life then he must forgive and forget about his aggressor and the incident.