Diamond Platinumz set to marry Tanasha Oketch on valentines day February 14, 2019

 Diamond Platnumz has announced that he intends to marry his new Kenyan beauty Tanasha Donna Barbieri Oketch.

While speaking to Wasafi TV, the Bongo star said he needs a wife to help him manage his vast business empire

“I have set February 14, 2019 as my wedding date. The ceremony will last four days. Valentine’s Day will fall on a Thursday; so, the wedding ceremony will take place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That is my preliminary arrangement. If anything would come up, forcing me to change the dates, I will communicate that in good time,” said Diamond Platnumz

When pressed on why he settled on Ms Oketch and not any other woman, Diamond said: 

“no woman in his life, in the past matches the prettiness and character of Tanasha” he said.