The 60-year-old MP who recently wedded 24-year-old second wife

The first wife of Samburu North MP Hon Alois Musa Lentoimaga who threatened to walk out of her marriage over the arrival of wife number two, is back in her home.

Raphaella Lento, 48, said she felt betrayed when her husband of more than 35 years married a younger woman behind her back and without telling their grown children aged 30 and 25 years.

“I was hurt because he forced this on us. I don’t know much about the young woman, but she is a graduate. I also graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2015. Maybe Mzee chose her because I’m old school,” she said.

While Lentomaga was wedding his new bride Jamila, 24, in a traditional ceremony at his rural home in Samburu on September 29, Raphaella took to the constituency’s Facebook Page Samburu 
Development Forum, to pour out her heart.
When The Nairobian contacted Alois Lentoimaga, he said they had sorted out the matter with elders and that he is working on a plan to calm his first wife.

“Raphaella was not happy and ran away, but we have sorted out the matter with elders, that is why I’m still held up in Baragoi. I’ve done my things in the open unlike those who kill to clear their footprints (sic),” the MP told The Nairobian.

The second-time MP added that, “Raphaella is a mature woman, but it’s not a big deal here to get a second wife and age is just a number, even the law allows for polygamy.”

The MP said his first wife has nothing to complain about because he has not denied her a share of their property or separated her from the children; pointing out that no woman can happily share a compound with another woman.

“There are many reasons for a man to make such a decision. Having many children can help in managing wealth,” he said, explaining that the late William ole Ntimama shared that wisdom with them one year before he died.

“No one questioned the likes of Bill Clinton, Atwoli and Hassan ole Kamwaro. In fact, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta too had huge age difference with Mama Ngina,” said the lawmaker.

Lentiomaga has however promised to take his first wife on holiday out of the country to make her happy like before.

“We are taking her complaint into account and I will take her to the United States for a 10-day tour so that she can relax,” the MP said.