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Eight ways women satisfy themselves in absence of their partners
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Apr 01, 2018 at 16:02 EAT
Each woman chooses her own satisfaction
  • There are many ways through which women deal with satisfaction of their wants when their partners are not around
  • These ways are determined by an individuals preferences among other things
  • Different women deal with being alone in different ways 

There are many ways of handling loneliness when one’s loved one is a not around. Couples who are used to being with one another often feel some kind of emptiness when one partner goes away for a while.

Men and women cope with this feeling in different ways, depending on factors like the length of the stay, the intensity of the emptiness and relationship with their partner.

Women have many ways of dealing with loneliness while their partners are away.

These includes but is not limited to;

Sleeping with other men;

Although not all women look for their partners' substitutes while they are away, a good number gives the thought some space. The ‘other man’ knows his position in the arrangement and will often fade away when the hubby comes back. This other man substitutes for the main man until he comes back, with no obligation whatsoever to look after the woman.

Intense workouts;

An exercise of whatever kind aimed at whatever reason is energy draining. It is easy for one to stop thinking about their partners if they engage in such an activity. The results from this are rewarding since it occupies both the body and the mind. It also leads to one having a deep sleep in which they won’t be missing their partners, obviously.

Sleeping with other women;

The society has always judge men who spend time at other men’s houses harshly. People often find it harmless and almost cute if women spend time together, no matter how close they appear. In this age where bisexuality can no longer be ignored, it is right to say that such ‘girl time’ no longer involves gossiping and talking about boys.

Self- stimulation;

This has been frowned upon with many terming it as a sexual disorder. Self-stimulation or masturbation which is also christened as self-love is when an individual derives sexual satisfaction by pleasuring themselves. Women who are left alone may fill the void of their gone partners and indulge in this act.

Video calls

While calling or chatting with a person who is miles away does not equate to being with them physically, women find it relaxing when they talk to their partners as many times as they can. Known to be emotionally attached than their counterparts, women prefer spending hours on phone with their partners than receiving brief texts. It gives them a secure feeling, one that tells them they are not alone.

Sex toys;

With technology, so many fields have improved and the field of intimacy and sexual activities were not left behind. There are so many sex toys on the market for both genders that come with different services. It is not unusual then to find a woman whose partner travels a lot in possession of such an invention stashed away for lonely times.

Fluffy pillows and teddy bears

However unlikely it sounds, there are women who get a nice night’s sleep if they wrap their arms around a soft pillow in the absence of their partners. Instead of staying awake all night and wondering when their partner is getting back, these women find solace just by hugging the soft stuff in their beds and falling asleep comfortably.


Men for ages have been known to have a collection of pornographic material that they save for themselves for special times. Women have silently joined in and seeing there is a lot of material available, they have kept their collection too. This material comes in handy when their partners are away.

While these activities do not apply to all women, most have confessed to having several from the list at one time or another. But like we said, everyone, deals with the lonely feeling in different ways depending on the situation.

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