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Why is everyone hellbent on the possibility of chaos?
By Ureporter | Updated Jul 19, 2017 at 14:42 EAT
Post-election violence PHOTO: COURTESY

Consider the two scenarios:

1. Uhuru has been declared the winner by the IEBC, the win is clear. The elections are largely peaceful, free , fair and credible ! Raila is sad,his supporters are even worse than him. But being the statesman that he is, he has conceded defeat and congratulated Kenyatta on his re-election,he has even urged his supporters and the country at large to put politics behind and focus on nation building. There is no violence , the nation moves on well...

2. Raila has won by a landslide,the IEBC has duly declared him the 5th president of Kenya. The elections are largely peaceful, free , fair and credible ! There is jubilation in some parts of the country, some jubilee supporters treat the announcement suspiciously, but Kenyatta quickly convenes a press conference with his deputy in toe and they concede defeat, saying that the people have spoken. They urge all Kenyans to come together and support the new government as the work ahead is not easy.

Why isn't anyone painting this kind of scenarios? Why is everyone hellbent on the possibility of chaos? What we feed ourselves is what we give off....we feed ourselves with thoughts of violence and that's what we give off. We feed ourselves with positive vibes of peace and that's what we get. My country is peaceful. My people, love each other on 8/8 and beyond. we will be demonstrating our diverse opinions in unity. Let's all be calm and peaceful.

And because I have prayed for a peaceful elections, that's what I expect !
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