We do not know why Covid-19 is affecting more men than women — CAS Rashid Aman

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Jul 21st 2020 at 17:08
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Health CAS Dr Rashid Aman said at the moment there is no particular reason why more men than women have contracted Covid-19.

While giving the daily update at Afya House, Dr Aman said there can be many theories used to explain that but scientific studies are still being conducted.

“At this point and time, we do not have a clear answer as to why the disease is affecting more men than women.

“The case of the disease is generally the same in both sexes so that is a question that will be answered with time,” he said.

Further, Dr Aman said the elderly have increased mortality and need to be advised accordingly especially if they are on home-based care.

“They (medics) need to ask about preexisting conditions. Often this cohort will be anxious and fearful of leaving their households.

“Due to physiological changes of aging, old people are susceptible to COVID-19. I urge healthcare givers to provide sound advice to families…. Healthy eating helps and so older people should be supported,” he said.

This comes as the country recorded 397 cases, taking the national tally to 14168.

Out of the 397, 236 are male and 161 are females.

Kenya’s death toll also rose to 250 after 12 more patients succumbed to the virus.

On a more positive note, 642 were discharged.

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