AIC lists measures that will be introduced when worship resumes

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Jun 4th 2020 at 09:59
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The Africa Inland Church (AIC) on Wednesday informed congregants that a number of guidelines will be introduced once places of worship are reopened.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to give the way forward before the end of the week and the clergy are optimistic that churches will be reopened but under strict rules to keep the Coronavirus at bay.

Through a statement, AIC noted that from Monday next week a number of changes will be effected and they are as follows: Sitting plan with markings on the floor where chairs shall be placed observing the 1.5 meters rule in all directions. Where benches are used, there should be permanent marks on the benches showing the sitting plan. This will mean planning for several services depending on numbers and size of our sanctuaries. In Rural areas, people may hold one service with some or all of them seated outside the church.During the worship service, everyone MUST wear face masks. The preacher is allowed to remove his/her mask as they deliver the sermon.There must be hand washing tanks/cans with taps and hand washing soap at different points. Hand sanitizers are to be applied at all entrances.Large churches in towns shall be required to purchase Sanitizer Booths as advised by the Ministry of Health.EVERY LOCAL CHURCH MUST have a THERMO GUN for measuring body temperature before entering church. Ministry of Health to give guidelines on where to purchase them.There shall be no Sunday School until schools reopen. Holy Communion and Baptismal services shall remain suspended until further notice. Worship services shall be limited to 45 minutes-90minutes. All microphones and other equipment shall be sanitized before and after use. There shall be no HARAMBEES in church.Pastors are required to start doing "Mock services" from Monday 8th June, after the Presidential announcement in order to get acquainted with the new procedures. All pastors must cooperate with Ministry of Interior and Security officers who will be coordinating at the grassroots.


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