Women's take: Getting intimate on the first date

By Bernice Mbugua | Monday, May 11th 2020 at 12:35
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While everyone may argue whether getting intimate on a first date is right or wrong, it's important to know how the other person may feel about it. Most men are perfectly okay with it, while some men may prefer to lay low for some time so as not to chase the lady away. How do ladies feel about it? Here are some of the four different opinions from ladies about sex on a first date.

1. Depends on the time y'all are open to the idea

There are ladies who just don't mind as long as the guy feels the same about it. These types of ladies don't think that there is a specific timeline set to get intimate. They're into the idea that they can start smashing and get to know about each other as time passes by. They believe sex helps to know the other party better.

2. If they wanted to get intimate, they would have gone to the crib

These kinda ladies believe that if the guy is taking her on a date, or vice versa, they want to get to know more of each other and enjoy each one's company. Getting intimate was not in the plan. This is a no for them.

3. It's too early for sex

Well, these ladies love to take it slow and get to know about the man in terms of his attributes, behaviour, and personality. They will give themselves to the man if they trust them enough. They're careful with who they messed with.

4. Sex after marriage

As much as it's hard to believe, these women will stick to their virtues. If you want to get intimate with them, you'll pretty much stick around until you two get married.

It is important for men to be aware of how ladies feel in regard to sex on a first date. Taking a lady on a date doesn't mean you've successfully won your way to her pants.

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