Six ways to jumpstart your workout routine after a long break

By Esther Karanja | Sunday, May 3rd 2020 at 13:31
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I love exercising.

It's a passion, but it also helps keep in check the demands that come with working from home.

So anytime I miss a couple of sessions of my daily workout routine, my life doesn't flow well.

That's why, over the years, I've adopted these habits that help springboard me back to my regular fitness routine.

Create a simple, achievable goal

You don't have to jump straight to the weight-loss train, instead take time to identify a simple goal you can achieve quickly. The best way to start is by establishing a habit that'll psyche you to working out. You can set a goal to do your exercises at the same time every day. Gradually, you'll build a routine that you can include in your lifestyle.

Opt for a 10-minute workout

Don't have an hour for a workout. Worry not, 10 minutes is all you need. Ten minutes of high-intensity physical activity daily is useful to get your body pumped up for the day. This daily short workout session can be used to get you into a workout routine. However, if your fitness goals are more challenging, then consider increasing your sessions to 30-minutes.

Prepare for the workout early

The success of your workout can eventually come down to preparation. Have a plan before you start your workout. It should include having your workout clothes and gear ready and also hydrating and fueling up your body. Prepping works because it cuts out all the minor decisions and ensures you focus on the most crucial thing, exercising.

Create space for your workout area

If you're working out at home, make sure you have a dedicated space. You don't need a whole spare bedroom. A clutter-free corner of your living or bedroom can work just fine. This space will not only house your gear; it should also be free to use anytime you need it.

Your workout plan should be simple

Your starter workout plan should have simple routines, even if it's squats. That way, you can avoid quitting it. Not knowing how to do a particular exercise can be discouraging. More so if it's complicated and advanced. Your workout plan is not set in stone, and after some time, you can advance the workouts to challenge yourself.

Drink water and eat well

Diets can work for short term weight loss goals, but they are not sustainable. It's not healthy to exclude any food group from your diet long term. Instead, substitute refined, processed foods with home-cooked meals, nuts, and fruits. Eat-in moderation to fuel your body and drink plenty of water to hydrate.

Stop procrastinating on your workouts. Remember, start simple. Adopt these habits that can set you up for success.

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