Babu Owino on the spot for branding hand sanitisers

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Apr 18th 2020 at 15:55
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Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has been put on the spot after he branded hand sanitisers he was dishing out to residents in his constituency.

Online, many asked Babu why he had to put his photo on all the sanitisers he donated, some labelling it a publicity stunt.

Chris Marucha For the first time I can say this is petty ,you don’t have to waste any resource on your pictures just help in silence God will reward you in public

Brian Teri Conte Honestly...the amount you used to brand the sanitizers could have helped more members mhesh...

Babu Kwar Nyikwaye When you go helping the needy leave your camera home.

Haron Masase Let no one amongst us gain or seek popularity out of giving to the needy. This is not the time for social media videos and pictures of showing off charity; the needy have dignity too!

Ambrose Mware Your portrait has spoil it all, there is no generosity here but seeking political mileage. Was is it a must uandike jina lako!? Acts of charity but get factual information from credible bodies.

Last week, the Ministry of Health warned politicians against using this period to try and gain popularity.

This message was communicated by Health CAS Dr Mercy Mwangangi while issuing the daily COVID-19 update.

In recent weeks, a number of politicians have been put on the spot for branding donated items meant to help in the fight against Coronavirus.

Among them was Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga who was bashed for putting his photos on bottles of sanitisers.

In his response, Kahiga said there was nothing wrong with putting his photo on the containers, adding that the bottles cost only Sh7 each. 

"Let us see the bigger picture. Let us not focus on non-issues,” he said.

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