All salon and barbershop workers to wear masks

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Apr 8th 2020 at 16:00
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Health CAS Dr Mercy Mwangangi on Wednesday instructed all salon and barbershop workers to start putting on face masks.

Mwangangi further stated that salons and barbershops should come up with a plan to ensure there is no overcrowding.

Last week, Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria urged men in his county to avoid going to barber shops for a couple of weeks until Coronavirus is contained.

The governor stated that barbershops and salons are high risk areas where the virus can easily be spread.

He asked men to shave their beards at home using razors and advised women to do their hair at home.

“A barbershop is a very risky place. The beard bibs can easily transmit the virus from one person to another.

“It would be prudent to shave at home. I did it this morning. It is doable. Let us help the government in fighting this virus,” he said.

Adding: “You can ask your wife to shave your hair as you discuss a few things regarding your home.”

Wa Iria also asked women to avoid salons saying the hair dryers used in such places can be risky since different people use it in a day.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health announced that seven more people had tested positive for Coronavirus, bringing the number of positive cases to 179.

Out of the seven new patients, four are female and three are male.

Asked about the status of MPs who allegedly tested positive for COVID-19, Mwangangi stated that the Ministry does not have that information as of now but would proceed with mass testing in several institutions.

She, however, maintained that patient confidentiality would still apply.

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