What clothes tell about people

By Carpus charles | Sunday, Mar 22nd 2020 at 13:57
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Clothes basically being one of the basic needs for one's survival, most people around the world now use it for cover, attraction, and beauty. Most fashion clothing today has evolved with time, from the use of hemp fibre, cotton to the now present synthetic fibre and nylon. In the past, the Traditional African community used only animal skins and hides to cover themselves and also to provide warmth for their bodies. 

Clothes being part of today's fashion and trend can tell us a great deal about a person's background, social status, esthetic tastes, mood, and even about climatic conditions. They also show whether one is bereaved or not. Most likely, one can be able to know about a woman's marital status by way of dressing.

If one is wearing white, it's associated with a large number of emotional states. Also used as a colour for bridal dress can mean peace, chastity, and purity, while among the Orthodox Hindus, it's considered a colour for widowhood.

White clothes are also liked by those living in desert and sandy areas to reflect the heat hence cool to wear. If a person wears black, it shows bereavement and bad luck to perceive the bad side of life. In firms and associations, black bands are used to indicate their rules and policies. 

All along clothes have been used to identify one's career, culture, and religion. Today when you meet one dressed in a kanzu or a hijab, it becomes easy to his or her religion. When it comes to clothing, those who work in offices and hospitality industry tend to always wear casually. If one wears a new cloth but not well cut and the wearer doesn't carry them with ease, then it would be fair to say that the person is an upstart who's learning the ways of the rich. 

In a nutshell, clothes, like language, can be used both for deception and expression. They express one's personality transparently: they can also help achieve a disguise and deceit people. This shows people's impression, and in a civilized and highly sophisticated society, clothes have acquired proportionate importance. 


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