CBK Governor narrates interaction with baggage loaders that left him impressed

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Feb 20th 2020 at 12:08
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It all started when one netizen stated that he interacted with a ‘mama mboga’ who used ‘the big picture’ in their conversation.

Albeit on light note, CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge took up the conversation perhaps to demystify talk that casual workers are not schooled.

Njoroge opened up on an interaction with baggage loaders that challenged him.

“I was boarding a flight at Mombasa airport about 3 years ago. I was the last passenger to board and for some reason I was escorted onto the apron and then up the tiny staircase on the side of the jet bridge.

“Two baggage loaders recognized me and immediately engaged me in conversation, joining me up the stairs. Then a question: “Governor, how come borrowing interest rates in [# and #] are as low as 2-5 percent, while borrowing rates in Kenya are much higher?” This stopped me cold,” he narrated.

The CBK governor was left in awe by their knowledge in emerging markets considering the countries they mentioned were not the ones he regularly monitors.

He expressed how impressed he was by their sharp minds and it hit him hard that there are young Kenyans who are sharp but do not necessarily work in ‘big offices.’

“The two countries that they mentioned were emerging markets, but not even the ones I monitor regularly. And to explain it in all 15 seconds..?!! Then it hit me—what a question from a baggage loader! How perceptive! No CIA agents here, just some very smart young Kenyans!

“In my 4 1/2 years as CBK Governor this is by far the most difficult question I ever faced. And from a “very ordinary” baggage loader! Respect,” he remarked

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