The sorry state of our stadiums

By Dennis | Thursday, Feb 6th 2020 at 12:24
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Since the late Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi left office, not even a single stadium has been constructed by the succeeding governments. Sadly, there only two stadiums in the country recognized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), namely Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani, and the Nyayo National Stadium that has been under renovations for the last four years Leaving MISC as the only available stadium to host CAF recognized matches. Let's not even talk about city stadium, Moi Stadium Kisumu, and the Mombasa Municipal Stadium, which have unequivocally been neglected.

Several county governments, including Meru, Kisii, Kakamega, and Machakos, have delved into renovating the ones available in their counties, but unfortunately, they still don't meet CAF standards. With such developments in place, Kenya cannot host any CAF tournament because of the lack of capacity and infrastructure.

The Kenya premier league suffers most from this catastrophe since most matches are hosted at the already out of shape Machakos Kenyatta stadium that hosts at least four matches in a single weekend. Most KPL teams opt for Machakos as their home ground due to its proximity to Nairobi and the fact that MISC Kasarani is not always available.

Some stadiums being used for KPL matches like the Ruaraka, Mumias Sports Complex, and Chemilil Sports Complex are not even fit for hosting a village tournament. Take, for example, the Chemilil sports complex that does not have a perimeter wall/fence; therefore, the home team can't even collect entrance charges.

Fans around the city have shied away from attending KPL matches since they are required to travel for long distances in order to access them, which is very costly. This translates to clubs not maximizing on gate collections and incurring more costs as they travel to Machakos or any other venue. The transport cost and gate collections would really play a big role in helping most KPL clubs that are financially crippled.

The sooner the stadiums' predicament will be sorted, the faster our soccer will grow since football enthusiasts will flock the stadiums.

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