Stop pushing, your removal was people-driven — Kabogo tells Waititu

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Feb 5th 2020 at 12:04
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Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has asked Ferdinand Waititu to stop pushing and move on following his impeachment.

Kabogo stated that Waititu’s removal was people-driven so any efforts to regain his seat will be futile.

Further, he asked him to focus on his court proceedings and instead of causing himself more pain.

“My free unsolicited advice to Hon. Ferdinand Waititu:- your removal was people-driven, pushing and trying to come back in which one way will only aggravate things and cause you more pain.

“Concentrate rather on your defence at the criminal proceeding at Milimani courts. Wish you well,” wrote Kabogo.

Waititu suffered another setback this week after the High Court rejected his application to bar incumbent county boss James Nyoro from appointing a deputy.

Through his lawyers, Waititu argued that allowing Nyoro, who is a key respondent in his petition to appoint a deputy will complicate the case further.

Justice James Makau, however, turned down the request on the grounds that Waititu did not prove how the appointment of a deputy will jeopardize his case.

Makau noted that the decision of appointing a deputy governor can also be challenged in court.

Waititu’s legal team, led by lawyer Wilfred Nyamu averred that the move by Nyoro to appoint a deputy will make the court to deal with a myriad of rights.

“If that happens, we shall be dealing with different parties. Mind you as of today he (Nyoro) has the power to appoint and replace the CECs who were appointed by Waititu,” said Nyamu.

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