Meghan Markle's dad hopes Archie has his nose 'so every time she looks at him she sees me'

By Mirror | Thursday, Jan 23rd 2020 at 13:11
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Thomas Markle says he hopes his grandson Archie has his nose so it will act as a constant reminder to Meghan and Prince Harry.

The Duchess' dad hasn't spoken to his royal daughter or son-in-law for months, claiming they are ignoring his calls in a number of TV interviews.

He's yet to meet his grandson and believes there is a good chance he will never have the opportunity.

The only photos he's seen are the ones that have been released to the media.

Speaking on a new Channel 5 documentary Thomas Markle: My Story, he reveals his one hope for Archie's appearance.

He said: "He's a cute little kid.

"He's going to have his father's hair. I hope he has my nose because then every time they see Archie they're going to see me."

On the programme, Thomas also reveals his upset at discovering Meghan was pregnant on the news.

He said: "I was sitting in my car waiting to cross the border and I heard the good news from the royals is that Meghan is pregnant. Which is almost a joke when you tell people, well you heard it on the radio.

"This is my daughter, talking about my grandchild. She's going to have a grandchild that's mine. I'm not hearing about it on the phone, I'm hearing about it on the radio."

He spoke of his upset at losing Meghan from his life and believes there's a chance he'll never see her again.

"The last time they might see me is being lowered into the ground. I don't think at this point they are thrilled to see me or want to talk to me."

He also recalls the moment she told him she was dating Prince Harry.

He said: "My daughter was like coming up to the A-List in terms of her company and her friends.

"She calls me on the phone, and she said I've got a new boyfriend and I said 'Great' and she says 'He's British'.

"I said "OK", she said 'He's a prince', I said 'Alright' she said 'He's Prince Harry'. I said 'Oh, OK'.

"I didn't know what it meant.

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