The tales of the modern village girl

By ELIAS GITHINJI KARUOYA | Thursday, Jan 9th 2020 at 10:04
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Over the just concluded holidays, plenty of jokes about the village girls have intensely characterized the Kenyan social scene.

The gist of such jokes is the portrayal of their vulnerability around the crafty advances of the sons of the village, who have since ‘seen the light’ upon their departure from the rural life and their subsequent affiliation to the city.

Within the frameworks of the skewed narrative doing the rounds, the unfortunate village lasses will ultimately let loose their ‘valuables’ to these cons masquerading as the custodians of the cherished life the girls yearn for beyond the circumstances of the village.

While the viewpoint on village dwelling damsels as significantly limited is relatively valid in rather specific circumstances, it is remarkable that the present-day village girl is not naive and clueless.

Accordingly, proximity to the city and the associated lifestyles are gradually receding as parameters for being woke and polished.

Actually, a keen interaction with many girls from these countrysides will reveal a sense of well-defined tastes, ideals, and standards that are easily misunderstood sisters subscribe to. As a bonus even, they are devoid of the cheer recklessness that is typically identified with many a city girl.

Therefore, the next time you will be visiting the village as a young man, hoping to make an easy lay of random village chicks do not be surprised if your agenda proves null.

The villages are now considerably connected to the information grid, which has really profited our rural girl child.

Thus, they are not only rewriting the narrative but also making a bold statement by standing up to the shenanigans of the philandering boy child, among other physical, behavioral, and attitudinal revolutions. Viva! Village girl.

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