Kenyans applaud DCI for emerging second in U.S award

By Babu Tendu | Wednesday, Dec 25th 2019 at 11:49
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Kenyans on Tuesday, December 24, 2019, took to social media to congratulate the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for emerging second in a competition by Sumuri.

Sumuri is an American software company that deals with high-end forensic software.

The other four security agencies nominated in the competition include the Elkton Police Department, Henry County Police, Washington Police Department, and the Philadelphia Police Department.

Despite being second, the software company decided to award the DCI because of the overwhelming support they received from Kenyans.

“Your country's effort in coming together for this campaign made it an even more humbling experience.”

“Congratulations to our SUMURI Gives Back Runner Up - DIGITAL FORENSICS UNIT, KENYA! You too will receive a TALINO workstation to help your team save more lives” posted Sumuri Forensics.

The Henry County Police won the award but this did not stop Kenyans from directing their praise towards the DCI.

Nyandong - DCI Kenya after this, we hope that, though you came 2nd, you realize that Kenyans, after all, value you, and you should work only in their best interests, and never on that of individuals.

Gideon Mutai - Congrats @DCI Kenya party after party iko wapi.

Njoroge Kamau - Thank you @SUMURIForensics we appreciate your gesture of gratitude. God bless peace.

House of Mamai - Thank you so much for gifting Kenya the kit. We are indeed happy for the recognition.

Mosy Morgan - Glad to have voted. @DCI Kenya now go out there and leave no stone unturned. Justice for common mwananchi who stood up with and for you through voting.

The DCI thanked Kenyans for their support.

“Thank you everyone for your support” posted the DCI.

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