Please pray for me — King Kaka seeks divine intervention

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Dec 17th 2019 at 09:28
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Just days after his song ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ took the airwaves by storm, Kennedy Ombima aka King Kaka has asked his fans to pray for him.

Through his social media pages, the rapper wrote ‘Please pray for the king’ and hours later he added ‘Dear Lord…’.

Over the weekend, the artiste also asked for protection although he did not go into the details of what had transpired.

On Monday, Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru asked the rapper to pull down the song, terming it ‘highly defamatory’.

In a letter drafted by Kiragu Wathuta and Company Advocates, Waiguru argued that the song is reckless and malicious.

Further, King Kaka was instructed to: Offer an apology to WaiguruWrite a full and unconditional admission of liability Write a commitment not to release any further defamatory words against Waiguru

The artiste was also warned against redistribution of the song as it will result in a fresh defamatory action.

Through his social media pages, King Kaka reiterated that he never performed at a political rally and asked those accusing him of being partisan to show proof.

As far as the legal implications of the song are concerned, Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi asked the rapper to reach out to him for assistance.

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