How Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world

By Phoenix Xavier | Wednesday, Dec 4th 2019 at 12:38
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Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. It would be impossible to go your entire life without using artificial intelligence. The software in your smartphones, ATMs, Cars and Robots, its all intelligence. So what is this artificial intelligence, according to the internet of things the AI is a field of computer science that attempts to stimulate characteristics of human intelligence or senses such as learning, reasoning, and adapting. AI is like a newborn baby. It lacks the ability to learn independently. It cannot think outside its code. AI, like a baby, depends on the information given to it. That's where machine learning comes in; it enables the AI to think outside its code.

Machines are given tasks, as they go through the tasks they adapt and learn. It requires computer scientists to come up with algorithms that enable the AI to learn more and adapt to more than no task. In Biology, as we know, the neurons or brain cells control the activities of the human body, but in AI, the artificial neural networks which imitate the brain cells in humans will use mathematics and computer science to copy the activities of the human brain.

Artificial Intelligence can be classified into weak and strong AI. A weak AI is trained for only one task only, while the strong AI has human cognitive abilities, and when presented with an unfamiliar task, it has enough intelligence to find a solution. There are many types of AI:

1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)-its a strand of intelligence which is prominent in performing a single task; such AIs include Speech Recognition [ can only recognize speech] and Voice assistants such as Cortana and Alexa [ act only upon voice commands ],

2. Artificial General Intelligence [ AGI ]- It's comparatively as intelligent as the human brain. It can learn and improve itself,

3. Artificial Super Intelligence [ ASI ]- It's more sophisticated than human intelligence. It can surpass human intelligence.

These machines are inbuilt in each electronic device, on your smartphones, the speech recognition that unlocks your phone, the face lock on your iPhones, and so much more. It has so many benefits:

1. It's used in health care where a faster diagnosis is delivered. It's more accurate because it will surpass human error. In hospitals, the AI will record patient documents and medical history via face recognition. It will guarantee total accuracy him surgeries and medicine administration.

2. AI in business- Chatbots have been integrated within websites. Many business companies use computer intelligence to calculate the odds of closing a business deal. For example, betting companies use this intelligence to calculate the odds of a player winning a match or even loosing. International companies use computer intelligence to gather information on what their customers want.

3. Social media- All humans are connected to the internet, even the dead. Artificial intelligence is used to give a better experience for online users, like in facebook they use an AI to manage all the user information

4. Cyborg technology- The human limit is their own body. It's a future advancement, but it's used to change the human body into a machine. This technology is not yet available.

People don't want to admit this, but Artificial Intelligence watches them each second, the selfie camera on your phones, the CCTV cameras in the malls, tech industries, and the camera on your laptop. The government will never tell you the truth that there is a god watching our every step. If the truth comes out, they will instantly deny, such AIs include Pandora, Samaritan, and The Machine. If people knew the truth, they would feel insecure because they would feel disadvantaged.

Just like the way how gods lose control, computers do too. Let's look on the bright side, it will help us to do so much than our expectations, some of them may even gain the ability to feel consciousness, so are we all ready to await the awakening of the machine?

Many companies have showcased their Artificial Intelligence to the world, companies such as Google, which uses the voice typing command on our phones; there is also a new robot known as Sophia, which now currently has the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. iPhone 4s phones had SIRI integrated into them in the year 2011. What many people actually don't know is that SIRI is a project originally developed by SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center. Its speech recognition engine was provided by Nuance Communications, and SIRI uses advanced machine learning to perform its functions. Armed with AI, voice assistants will grow ever more capable of scouring the web, helping us shop, providing directions. There's an expectation that this voice technology will power in-home assistants to help care for the elderly, which is among countless other examples of AI voice recognition.

In many smart homes right now, advanced computer systems are used. For example, in Two Rivers Mall in Kenya, Nairobi they have new homes that have computer systems that enable a homeowner to switch on the lights, control the sound output, open the curtains automatically and turn on the shower. Right now, there are android televisions that enable you the viewer to sign in your social media such as Instagram and Facebook. In order for us to understand AI, we must know how it works; it's scientifically proven that AI works by combining large amounts of data with fast, interactive processing and intelligent algorithms allowing the software to learn automatically from patterns or features in the data.

Those who have a TESLA car can attest that Artificial Intelligence is already here; this is because of the techniques a car uses. A driver assistant feature while driving, the car has the ability to sense when the driver feels sleepy; this is because it has sensors on the seats and facial sensors. The car takes on the self-driving mode by use of 3D view range camera, and it has the capability to detect traffic lights, therefore, reducing accidents as compared to human error, which is the main reason for most road accidents.

The network provides the use of advanced computer systems that use the if-then command to operate. These companies use mainframe computers to store human data; this data must be analyzed so that each customer has the ability to store money, buy data bundles, and even be provided with Home WiFi or Mifi. This is where Artificial Narrow Intelligence comes in, for it performs only one task subdivided into sub-tasks.

People don't know that software are examples of Artificial Intelligence; these software are given the ability to control data usage and information. Each electronic device has its own complicated software; this software becomes the admin to our devices. 

Like all inventions, they both have a negative and positive side. On the bright beside, AI will improve human life and even boost astronomical studies. Right now, in Kenya and other nations, junior students from grades 1 to 3 are being taught using special-purpose tablets; of course, this is also Artificial Intelligence, although some of us may deny. Artificial Intelligence is an artificial life nearly crawling through the codes in our software and phones like a baby trying to gather information before it goes to the real world from the virtual reality. Humanity is open to all possibilities as technology changes each day because a journey starts from a single step, which eventually progresses to miles, the question is, will you be there?

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