President Kenyatta knows why the country is broke

By Edwin Kariuki | Tuesday, Nov 19th 2019 at 09:00
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President Uhuru Kenyatta's question about why Kenyans are broke is a mockery of the public because he has all the answers. Kenyans are broke because the State owes suppliers Sh300 billion.

In June this year, the President's order to settle these outstanding bills resulted in a paltry Sh10 billion payout. 

County governments owe another Sh98 billion to suppliers. The Executive is also crowding out SMEs by borrowing heavily in the domestic market thus leading most of them into hardship.

Parliament, where majority of the leaders are from the President's party, voted to increase the country's debt ceiling to Sh9 trillion.

This is three times more than our annual budget and the size of the entire economy. Kenya Revenue Authority has also failed to reach its target in the past three years.

The 'nifanye nini jameni' statement shows the president's inability to manage his policies yet he has the legal mandate to fire individuals doing shabby work.

When the going gets tough, the breadwinner of the house doesn't ask the children 'why are we broke?' 

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