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Myth or truth? The okra water magic

 Myth or truth? The okra water magic (Photo: iStock)

Women on social media platforms have been gaga about okra water, and the benefits it supposedly comes with.  

Okra, also known as lady’s finger or gumbo, is a long, ribbed green seed pod that looks like a finger.

The word on the streets is that drinking okra water elevates a lady’s libido and improves their sex experience.

Mary Njoki took to her TikTok account to share her experience with okra water, a recipe she learned online.

“I started taking okra water after watching a TikTok video about its benefits. Intrigued by its benefits I made it part of my daily ritual and today I can attest to some of its benefits,” she said.

Kenyan singer Yviona is one of the ladies who have come out to say that okra water has worked out not only for her sex life but also for pregnancy.

“I have been drinking okra since I can remember. You guys are just catching up? Anyway, it is good for you, giving birth was so easy for me, all my aunties were like ‘How are you walking up to the sixth floor?’ My son slipped out without any pain or stitches,” posted Yviona on her Instagram Stories.

Making okra water is easy since all you need is water and the okra pods. The pods are sliced and soaked overnight in water. Afterwards, the pods are removed and the liquid is ready for consumption.

Those who have drunk it say that the taste can be discouraging because the resulting liquid is slimy with a sour flavour.


According to professionals, there is no scientific research that links okra water to the benefits attached to it.

“There has been a buzz of okra water and women's sexual pleasure going around. In terms of these claims, there's no scientific evidence to prove this. What people can do is eat foods rich in both macro and micronutrients to get all health benefits,” said Jamima Bertha, a nutritionist.

However, Bertha says, there are health benefits that one can get from consuming okra. It is mostly considered a vegetable therefore having it in your diet is good.

“It has polyphenols that are rich in antioxidants and hence protect against oxidative free radicals that could cause cancer. Polyphenols improve overall heart health by lowering bad cholesterol levels. Improves brain function hence good for cognitive development. It is packed with Zinc and vitamins that are beneficial for helping erectile dysfunction,” added Bertha.

In addition to this, scientists have linked okra to a healthy female reproduction system. Okra contains Vitamin K which helps with blood clotting. 

It is advised that ladies who suffer from excessive bleeding during their menstrual cycle should try foods rich in Vitamin K, okra being one of them, as it improves the blood’s ability to coagulate.

Okra also has Vitamin C and folate. These two are essential during pregnancy especially the development of the foetus.

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