World Immunization Week: 24-30 April 2024 and beyond

The National Immunization Week is celebrated each year in the last week of April; this year the week will be commemorated from 24th to 30th April 2023. The goal of the week is to reach all eligible populations with life-saving vaccines and increase our immunization coverage.

Immunization achievements

The Ministry of Health through the National Vaccines & Immunization Programme (NVIP) supported by partners continue to protect Kenyans through the provision of vaccines to all eligible populations, Currently, 8 out of 10 children below two years have been vaccinated according to Kenya Demographic Health survey, 2022. This indicates that there are still some of our children who remain unvaccinated putting them at risk of contracting vaccine-preventable diseases. The National Immunization Week offers an opportunity to reach all those who have never been vaccinated before or those who are partially vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health continues cushioning the public from diseases by introducing new vaccines into its national immunization schedule. Recently, the ministry has introduced; pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCV), rotavirus vaccines, malaria vaccines, human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines and, COVID-19 vaccines.

Immunization benefits

Immunization remains one of the most cost-effective tools to preventing and controlling diseases, disabilities and deaths. Many benefits of vaccination include:

  • Immunizations save lives
  • Immunizations are very safe and effective
  • Immunization protects others you care about
  • Immunizations can save your family time and money
  • Immunization protects future generations.

What happens if you are NOT immunized?

Persons who are not immunized or are not fully immunized are at the highest risk of contracting vaccine-preventable diseases which can cause severe illness, permanent disability and even death. They also put other people around them at risk of getting diseases.

Vaccination safety

All vaccinations offered in Kenya are very safe and effective. They have been approved by the national authorities on safety and are administered by trained and qualified healthcare workers. The vaccines are administered in all public health facilities and approved private health facilities.

Our Appeal

Immunization is the responsibility of ALL. Ensure every eligible person around you receives all the vaccines as recommended by the Ministry of Health during and beyond National Immunization Week.