Co-shared workspace firms spread footprints

A co-working space with seats. [Getty Images]

Key providers in the shared workspace industry KOFISI and Workshop17, have announced a strategic partnership to provide a wider range of services and locations across Africa.

This is as the demand for shared workspace continues to grow faster in Africa than in the rest of the world, fueled by the growth in the working-age population that is expected to increase by more than 450 million people or close to 70 per cent of the continent by 2035.

“This partnership aims to meet the evolving expectations for global standards in workplaces across Africa -  driving hospitality service standards, supporting improved productivity, collaboration, and wellbeing,” said chief executive and co-founder of KOFISI Michael Aldridge.

Workshop17 Chief Executive Paul Keursten welcomed the partnership saying it will create a fertile ground for invocation and growth.

“The combined strength of KOFISI and Workshop17, with their extensive client base, continental knowledge and expertise, will create a fertile ground for innovation and growth, appealing to all enterprises operating or entering the African market,” said Keursten.

The partnership brings KOFISI and Workshop17 together, offering their members access to a combined network of 22 locations, and 60,000m2 of collaborative workspace across seven countries and all four African regions.

The two brands offer workday experience in their respective countries, in addition to hospitality services, wellness, quality aesthetics and customised office design in their collective portfolios.

KOFISI, whose Kenyan headquarters is along Riverside Drive in Westlands, operates 10 locations in Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania and is opening in Rwanda and Morocco this year. Workshop 17 has 12 locations with eight in South Africa and four in Mauritius.

Africa is set to become a key contributor to the global workforce. Already, big technology companies such as Google, Amazon, Meta and Microsoft have deployed into Africa to capitalise on this talent surge.