They cuffed, suspended me at the back of their land cruiser as they clobbered me- JKUAT student speaks out for the first time

By Babu Tendu | Friday, Nov 15th 2019 at 10:36
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Allan Omondi, the JKUAT student who was assaulted by police officers, as seen in a viral video, spoke for the first time since he experienced the ordeal.

Omondi, who expressed disbelief toward the manner in which the police handled him, was not short of words as he explained the events that followed what had been recorded in the video.

The fourth-year Food Science and Technology student said that the police forced him into the back of their land rover pick up and cuffed him.

He narrated that after cuffing him, the police officers then tied him to the railings on the roof of the vehicle then took turns to clobber him.

“Wakanipiga wakanipiga, at that point sikua nasikia hata uchungu, the body was already numb”

“They beat me up to a point that I could not feel pain anymore.”

“The video you saw was brutal but it got worse when they put me inside their land cruiser because they cuffed me and then tied me to the railings above” Said the JKUAT student.

Omondi explained that one of the officers found him not worthy to sit on the bench on the back of the vehicle and ‘swept’ him from the bench leaving him suspended to the railings.

The boy further stated that the officers threatened to kill him and accused him to be under the influence of bhang because he had red eyes.

His explanation that his eyes were caused to be red by teargas did not seem to matter to them.

According to him, it was the intervention of two of his classmates, who came and showed the police officers the viral video, that saved his life.

 “Two classmates came, showed them the video, and that is when they realised the weight of what they had done” added Omondi.

Three of the officers have since been arrested in connection to the assault.

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