35-year-old man arrested for chopping off wife’s hand

By Babu Tendu | Sunday, Oct 20th 2019 at 11:32
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A 35-year-old man was on Sunday, October 20, 2019, arrested for physically assaulting his wife in West Pokot county.

According to Pokot Central sub-county police commander, Bamfort Tsurwa, the suspect, John Nyalangole was armed with a bow, arrows and sharp panga.

The police boss said that Nyalangole aimed the sharp panga towards his wife’s head but it was her quick reaction to block using her hand that saved her life.

Tsurwa further mentioned that the man’s wife, Lilian Chepyatich lost all her five right-hand fingers in the ordeal.

“According to some neighbours it seems like the man had a motive of wiping out his family members. The man had prepared to attack the woman. He first slashed his one goat into pieces until it died. The panga was sharpened,” said Tsurwa.

The police commander stated that the woman was rescued by neighbours and police officers who were on their way to the station.

“The police officers who were coming from Masol ground on parade to practice for Mashujaa day celebration upon reaching Runo primary school they heard people shouting for help and upon stopping to check they found the suspect being beaten by the angry crowd,” added the police commander.

The suspect was taken into police custody at the Kapenguria police station and will be arraigned in court on Tuesday.

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