Citizen TV reporter Victor Kinuthia speaks after heavy bashing for poor English

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Sep 10th 2019 at 09:43
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Royal Media Services reporter Victor Kinuthia was subjected to ridicule on Monday evening by netizens who questioned his command of English.

Kinuthia was on the ground to cover the arrest of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro and was heavily bashed for struggling to express himself during the melee.

Through a Facebook post on Tuesday morning, the Inooro TV reporter stated that he almost ‘gave up’ when he found his name trending but encouragement from his seniors came in handy.

“I almost gave up when I found myself trending all over after yesterday's 9 pm news. But after receiving calls and texts from my bosses, colleagues, friends and fans I must say am encouraged.

“Boy child rising!! Tupatane sema na citizen !!” he wrote.

Online, renowned journalists jumped to his defense and urged him to keep going despite the harsh criticism.

News anchor Hussein Mohamed asked netizens to give Kinuthia a break since it was his first live link.

“In many professions, you hide your mistakes. In journalism, you broadcast them. So give Victor Kinuthia a break. Was his first live link in a chaotic scene.

“He’ll learn like many of us. Let’s revisit this when he makes it in a few years, In Sha Allah,” he wrote.

His sentiments were echoed by Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja who stated that everyone starts from somewhere.

Yvonne Okwara also weighed in on the matter and vowed that the media house will train Kinuthia.

“It was his first time. He will get better with time. We all start somewhere. We will train him. It can be very tough making mistakes on a national platform before millions of people.

“But I'm all the better for it! Rough for all of us, no matter the platform. What was your #FirstTime like? Let's share and encourage each other!” she wrote.

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