Man on wheelchair accuses Ethiopian Airlines of discrimination

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Aug 29th 2019 at 15:12
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Harun Maalim Hassan, an author, has accused Ethiopian Airlines of discriminating against him because of his disability.

Through a series of tweets, Hassan claimed that on August 27, 2019, he was denied a flight due to the fact that he was on a wheelchair.

He further took a photo of an airport staff whom he accused of not offering him any assistance despite his condition.

Hassan also alleged that the Airline later contacted him and apologised, offering him space in the business class on condition that he pulled down the posts.

He, however, declined saying it was a knee-jerk reaction.

On its part, Ethiopian Airlines argued that there was miscommunication and they had given Hassan an ‘offer’.

“Mr. Harun Maalim Hassan booked on ET309/27Aug19, Nairobi-Addis was not accepted due to miscommunication.

“We’ve been working on the recovery & hope Mr. Hassan will accept our apologies & offer.

“We assure the encounter does not define our standard of service,” said the airline.

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