How to break the creepy habit of stalking your ex

By Elizabeth | Thursday, Jun 27th 2019 at 11:36
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So the “love of your life” did the most unexpected thing and quit the relationship, you saw it coming, but again, it still caught you by surprise.

We all get into a relationship all fired up, esteem high, and sure that we have found “the one,” but then it turns out he is not as into you as you are into him. In an attempt to draw him closer, you unintentionally get needy, suffocate him, and he pulls away.

Inevitably, he leaves.

Getting dumped is devastating, especially when you were the good guy. It’s painful just thinking of all the compromising you had to do, and all for nothing.

It’s normal to think about his next catch – is she prettier than you, curvier, thinner or more adventurous. Next thing you know, you are stalking his new girlfriend. How you find out she is his girlfriend, is a whole new story.

Stalking your ex’s girl is a nasty habit for two reasons.

It’s time wasting

All the time you use following her every move online could be done doing something better, like working on yourself.

It makes you feel less than awesome

Let’s face it, you hope and wish she is average-looking, but the fact is your ex must have chosen her for a reason, and that reason is that she is a good catch. Comparing yourself to her destroys your confidence.

Tough but true.

Stalking the next girl is nothing new. Most of us have been there, or are there, and it can be addictive. No matter how hard you try to stop, you always “accidentally” find yourself on their page.

Try this.

1. Mourn the Loss

You don’t have to act tough. Cry a river if you have too, scream if that’s your thing, or get with your girlfriend and have crazy fun.

Unload your sorrow, face your pain, and then resolve to move on. Do not waste any more of your time on a man who could not see your awesomeness.

2. Make a List of the Things You Hated About Him

Everyone has some irritating habits that only the people close to them know. You probably adored the guy, but there are those little habits that made you want to scream.

List them down.

When those fond memories of your time together creep in, look at the list and pity his next victim. Count yourself lucky that he is no longer in your life.

3. Delete Him from Your Life

Delete his phone number, throw out everything that reminds you of him, unfriend and unfollow him in every social network. Leave no evidence that he was ever in your life.

In simple terms, there should be nothing in your external environment that can bring back memories of him.

4. Make a Change

Change always works. A dramatic physical transformation always works. When you look like a new person, you feel like a new person. Move to a new house, change your wardrobe, or get a new hairstyle.

Your ex was with the old, weak you, the new you deserve better.

5. Distract Yourself from Any Thoughts about Him

Having thoughts about his life without you is normal.

Does he treat his new catch better than he did you? Is he more committed to her? Does he call her the sweet names he used to call you?

Such thoughts only make you want to stalk them more. Distract yourself with an activity you love, such as dancing, shopping, cooking, or whatever works for you.

In a short while, everything will be a bad memory, and you will look back and wonder what you ever saw in him.

Good luck.

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