Orengo is a traitor — Miguna Miguna

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Mar 27th 2019 at 14:00
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Lawyer Miguna Miguna on Tuesday labelled Siaya Senator James Orengo a traitor following the latter’s statement that Miguna would have come back to the country if he wanted to.

The Senior Counsel was speaking during an interview on Citizen TV and was quoted saying many people have been locked out of the country but have managed to come back.

“There are a lot of people who have been locked out of this country and managed to come back.

“If he (Miguna Miguna) really wanted to come back into the country, he would have managed to come back,” said Orengo.

Miguna then responded by saying: “Thanks, Hussein, for pinning him down. Orengo fumbled and could not answer a simple question.

“Mr. @orengo_james knows that Illegal detention, torture and unlawful removal from one's country are not justified. He is a traitor.”

Miguna’s troubles started after his participation in the swearing-in of NASA leader Raila Odinga as the ‘People’s President’ In 2018.

Since the handshake, he has claimed that Odinga betrayed him and has selfish interests.

Orengo also spoke of introducing a motion of no confidence against the Deputy President on grounds of corruption allegations and insubordination.

“The list is too long. And this is not about what he has been linked to, but what he has also admitted. For example, the hotel next to the airport, the Muteshi land and now these two dams where there has been an allegation supported by facts that Ksh.21 billion was lost but in his knowledge, he is talking about Ksh.7 billion,” said Orengo.

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