Kenyan gay couple ask Maraga to let them get married

By Standard Reporter | Tuesday, Mar 19th 2019 at 09:16
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Over the weekend, a photo of two Kenyan men announcing their intentions to get married was widely shared and the couple has now asked the government to bend backwards and help them realise their dream.

Through a number of posts, Fredrick Ogah Jr has openly declared his intention to marry his fiancé and even dared those who are uncomfortable with the idea to unfriend him on social media.

“If you don't like my marriage please go to hell and unfriend me…I need space for new people,” read a caption on a photo where he was posing with his ‘girlfriend’ while holding a pack of condoms.

On Monday he said: “am begging the Kenya government to make laws that will allow me to marry my some sex…pls maraga upheld the case set as frdom.”

The posts drew hostile reactions from netizens who strongly condemned him for indecency.

Here are some of the comments and photos from Ogah’s Facebook account:

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