Huddah warns ladies against sleeping with married men

By Standard Reporter | Friday, Mar 1st 2019 at 09:33
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Socialite Huddah Monroe on Thursday pumped sense into ladies who are dating married men, saying such behavior only attracts curses.

Through a series of posts on Instagram, Huddah clarified that she never goes out with married men and although they often hit on her, she offers them advice on how to please their wives.

“Just know I don’t do married men! I like my men young, energetic and single coz I hate those baby momma dramas and also no family problems. I am not a therapist for you to come tell me your family issues.

“When a married man hits on me, I always tell them to go home. They find me really weird coz I just start giving them advice on pleasing their wives and kids and we stay cool as friends,” she wrote.

The businesswoman also opened up on how her mother would be stressed because of her cheating husband.

“When I was about 17, my mom would tell me how her husband is cheating on her and I’d see the hurt in her face and also the many fights they had…

“All of my friends who have kids with married men are the most miserable…you ruined another family, what do you expect? Mercy and showers of blessings? He will do the same to you…You ain’t special!” she said.

Huddah urged ladies to stop ruining families and marriages but interestingly, gave an exception.

“If it’s a must, make sure he takes care of his family FIRST. Don’t be having fun, taking his money while his family is suffering,” she added.

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