Insane reactions pile up on social media after Ruth Kamande's sentencing

By Mercy Asamba & Robert Abong'o | Friday, Jul 20th 2018 at 09:14
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Former prison beauty queen Ruth Kamande was found guilty of killing her boyfriend and sentenced to death at Milimani Law Courts on Thursday.

High Court judge Jessie Lesiit on Thursday noted that Kamande deliberately stabbed her boyfriend 25 times with the intention of causing pain, leading to his death.

"I want young people to know that it is not cool to kill your boyfriend or girlfriend instead it is cool to walk away from a relationship when it breaks down," said Judge Lesiit.

The 2016 Miss Lang’ata Prison, had pleaded with the court to spare her life, saying she had reformed and regretted killing her boyfriend.

Kamande who has been in custody since 2015 when was found guilty of killing her 22-year-old boyfriend, Farid Mohammed.

According to submissions made in court, Kamande stabbed Mohammed over twenty times following a domestic dispute sparked by a revelation that he had been taking HIV suppressing drugs without her knowledge.

Kenyans took to social media to react to Kamande’s sentencing. Here are some of the responses captured by Ureport on social media:

How comes some of you are saddened by the death penalty handed over to Ruth Kamande. You were the same people cheering on the police as they killed NASA protestors during the 2017 post poll. You can’t be such hypocrites, the law is very clear. Sheria ni msumeno. It cuts both ways — Mukami (@Mukami_Mungai) July 19, 2018

I just feel sorry for ruth kamande wanyonge kweli hawana haki. Though they should have addressed thr own issues publicly other than killing! Is ngirita stl catwalking with nys money?!

— Alboh_Nyakwara (@nyakwara_albert) July 19, 2018

The irony in Ruth kamande's case.. How do u kill a person who killed another person to demonstrate that killing is wrong....? — Walker Shambu (@Walker_shambu) July 19, 2018

Miss Langata Women Prison,Ruth Kamande stabbed someone,her boyfriend, 22 times . 22 times.. na mnasema aachiliwe since she is cute. 22 times. A human being anadungwa visu.. Death by the hangman noose should be intoduced this one time. 22 times. — meninist254 (@Meninist254) July 19, 2018

Just like RUTH KAMANDE story i urge other magistrate to sentence depredators to death for looting Kenyans taxes...Kenyans are stabbed deriliously to suffering because of looting. — Roy Odhiambo (@RoyOdhiambo12) July 19, 2018

Men be carefull of women that were brought up by single mothers like Ruth Kamande.Avoid them as much as you can. — Sugoi Gaa (@SugoiGaa) July 19, 2018

Maybe Miss Langata, Ruth Kamande’s lawyer has not read John Grisham’s “ A time to kill”. In fact, you can walk free for a crime of passion. — Cyprian, Is Nyakundi (@C_NyaKundiH) July 19, 2018

What is so unique with Ruth Kamande sentencing? Judges hand death sentence to people daily. Could #KOT be majoring on Miss Lang'ata title as the key thing? A killer is a killer. — Person of Meru (@MugiiraJob) July 19, 2018

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