Mexican airline Aeromexico fires pilots involved in July crash

By Reuters | Friday, Sep 7th 2018 at 08:01
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Rescue workers and firefighters at the site where an Aeromexico airliner crashed near the airport of Durango, Mexico. [Reuters]

Mexican airline Aeromexico said on Thursday it had dismissed the three pilots on board one of its Embraer 190 planes that crashed in northwest Mexico in late July in bad weather.

The Mexico City-bound jet smashed into scrubland near the runway shortly after take-off from the city of Durango during what passengers described as strong winds, hail and rain. All 103 passengers and crew survived the accident.

On Wednesday, authorities investigating the crash said it was likely caused by bad weather.

Still, in a letter sent to workers of Aeromexico, Chief Executive Andres Conesa said the three pilots on the flight had already left the company.

“Irrespective of the evidence ... pointing to weather-related factors, the conduct of the three pilots in the cockpit was not carried out in accordance with established protocols,” and violated company procedures, Conesa said in the letter.

A pilot in training was acting as co-pilot when the aircraft took off, authorities said.


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